The name SPOY characterizes the main idea of the chair (SPOJ means to unite something in Czech): the possibility to connect several chairs into a row without any other elements involved which would otherwise be needed for regular conference chairs. The connecting elements are the armrests that enable connecting the chairs easily thanks to their shape. The chair becomes not only an aesthetically appealing and unique piece of furniture because of this function but it also creates a functional unit when more pieces are connected together. Uniquely shaped armrests also create room for different usage (hanging a bag or a jacket on them) or applying these elements to other pieces of furniture.During the chair creation I tried to find a minimalistic and funny element which could decently but also smartly enhance the character of a classic chair. I ended up with focusing on public spaces like cafés and social clubs where a desire to change the room disposition in the short term arises, as a café space can be intended to be used as a space suitable for a conference, lectures or film screenings. My goal was to create an interesting, unique and comfortable chair which would perfectly suit into alternative café spaces and at the same time allows easy creation of a continuous row. The other added value is the stackability which will save space when needed.

CTU in Prague, heads of project MgA. Jan Jaros and MgA. Daniel Gonzales