Work — DIONE


The Dione lamp consists of two autonomous parts which create a sophisticated unit. It is a very intensive and significant concept as it is inspired by planetary conjunctions which symbolise archetypal birth of light radiated from the Sun through the solar system. The intersection of light from a ball-shaped source with a metal-coated parabola creates an imaginary projector and reflector and refers to the order of planets. The lighting process is inspired by the daily cycle of the Sun. It creates an intensely emotive experience and as a whole it achieves a harmonic perception which accomplishes the original concept – to calm oneself down and to contemplate. The lamp helps to overcome a depression and has generally a positive impact on psychological well-being of a human.

CTU in Prague, bachelor thesis, heads of project prof. ak. soch. Marian Karel and MgA. Josef Safarik, DiS.,Ph.D.

You could see at MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2018 / Lambrate Design District / 17-22 April / Czech Design Week Selection